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Eye Disease Specialist

Brandywine Vision Associates, P.C.

Danielle DeAngelis, OD

Optometrist located in Royersford, PA

Many types of eye disease are preventable or controllable if diagnosed early. At Brandywine Vision Associates, P.C. in Royersford, Pennsylvania, Danielle DeAngelis, OD, uses her special skills and advanced equipment to detect eye disease, even in very early stages. Call the office or use online booking to schedule your comprehensive eye exam now.

Eye Disease Q & A

Do eye exams screen for eye disease?

A vision screening — the type of exam you might have at work or your child might have at school — only checks your eyesight. The main goal of a vision screening is to determine whether you have adequate vision to perform the tasks at hand. Vision screenings never check your eye health. 

At Brandywine Vision Associates P.C., Dr. DeAngelis performs comprehensive eye exams. The exam includes not only a vision screening and contacts or glasses prescription but also a full eye health checkup. 

During a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. DeAngelis checks for all of the most common eye diseases. She uses state-of-the-art equipment to look for the early signs of eye disease. With early screening, she can find signs of eye disease long before they cause symptoms. 

What are the most common eye diseases?

The most common type of eye disease include:


Glaucoma typically occurs with too-high inner eye pressure. That leads to optic nerve damage. Glaucoma can lead to vision loss if untreated, but early diagnosis and intervention can preserve your eyesight. 


Cataracts are cloudy eye lenses, which can happen with natural changes as your eyes age. About 20% of people over the age of 65 have cataracts. With early diagnosis, you can take steps to improve your vision and reduce cataract growth. 

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

When your retina thins as you age, you can develop AMD. The disease usually causes central vision decrease (dry AMD), but wet AMD can cause sudden vision loss. Dr. DeAngelis can identify the signs of AMD and diagnose your disease early. Early diagnosis may help you slow down disease progression.

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is damage within the tiny blood vessels inside your eyes. The disease can occur with uncontrolled long-term high blood sugar. If you don't treat diabetic retinopathy, it can cause vision loss. Most people with diabetes develop diabetic retinopathy. But, with treatment, you reduce the risk of vision loss. That's why diabetic eye care is vital for all diabetics.

Dry eye disease

Dry eye disease is a common condition in which you have too few tears or poor quality tears. This disease can cause eye dryness along with burning, itching, and other types of discomfort. Treatment can manage symptoms and prevent the disease from progressing to corneal abrasions, corneal scarring, or vision loss.

There are also dozens of other eye diseases, each with unique characteristics. Dr. DeAngelis can identify these symptoms and help you start the care you need early.

How often should I have eye exams to screen for eye disease?

At Brandywine Vision Associates, P.C., Dr. DeAngelis usually recommends annual comprehensive eye exams for children and adults. She can assess your individual situation to recommend a personalized exam schedule for you. 

Brandywine Vision Associates, P.C., offers the eye disease screening you need in a welcoming setting. Call the office or book an appointment online now.